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What is an Apartment Administrative Fee?

In order to apply for an apartment, you may need to pay an admin fee for apartments. If you are applying for an apartment you might have a few questions about this fee. 
What is an admin fee? What are some other fees you may need to pay? Get the facts and you can find a great apartment. Here is your quick guide.

The Basics of an Admin Fee for Apartments

An admin fee is a one-time fee that some landlords charge to cover expenses during the application process. Some landlords use technology or hire people to help them handle apartment applications. They may need to maintain the apartment and conduct tours, which can cost money. 

Fees vary depending on who the landlord is and what types of apartments you are applying for. Some communities have a $50 fee while others are more. If you're moving in with multiple people, each of you may need to pay a fee, but you may be able to pay one for your entire group.
Application fees are non-refundable, even if you get the apartment. Your fee does not count toward your first rent payment as well. 
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Other Apartment Fees

Many people confuse an admin fee with the other fees associated with applying for an apartment. You may need to pay multiple fees, and the best way to track your expenses is to study each type of fee. 

Security Deposit

A security deposit is a one-time fee that your landlord takes to cover the cost of property damage. They can also use it to cover the cost of rent if you miss a payment. 
Your deposit may be an amount worth two or three months' rent. A landlord may ask to see your credit score and determine the size of your deposit. If you have a low score, you may need to pay more. 
Laws affect how your landlord can use your deposit. All states require your landlord to return your deposit to you if they do not spend the money.
Indiana security deposit laws do not limit the amount of the security deposit. Other states do impose caps, so review their laws if you move out of state. 

Pet Fee

A pet fee is a fee that some landlords charge for tenants who bring their pets. While you are renting an apartment, your pets may damage the property and create noise and odor problems. The fee will cover the cost of the damage and inconvenience.
Landlords have broad discretion with pet fees. Some of them charge one or two months' worth of rent. If you are bringing in multiple dogs or cats, you may need to pay a separate fee for each one. 
Most landlords do not charge fees for pets that stay in enclosures like fish. But you will still need to clean and maintain your pet by yourself. 
Many landlords do not allow pets at all. You cannot bring your pet, even if you offer to pay for them, so be sure to check each apartments pet policy before you move. 
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Move-in Fee

A move-in fee covers the cost of small changes to your apartment before you move in. A landlord may request money from you so they can perform a deep clean or repainting. 
The fees will vary depending on what your landlord needs to do. Most landlords charge a few hundred dollars if they charge a move-in fee. 

Paying Your Fee

When it comes to paying an administration fee, a landlord may ask for one in their apartment listing in order to process or read your application. 
A landlord may tell you how they want you to pay the fee. Some landlords ask you to send them a check while others may request that you send them money through PayPal, Venmo, or another service. So be sure you know how your landlord accepts payment.
The lease agreement will describe your security deposit and any additional fees you need to pay. Keep track of the fees you have paid. Keep the receipts for your fees and create a spreadsheet that outlines when and how much you have paid. 
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The Essentials of an Admin Fee

An admin fee for apartments is an expense you pay during the application process. Your landlord may need money to cover the cost of processing your information and maintaining the apartment. 
The administration fee is just one of many you may need to pay, including security deposits. Some landlords will mention that they do not require fees in their apartment listings.
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