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Creative Apartment Door Decor Ideas

First impressions are important. That goes for meeting people but your home as well.

Apartments doors get a bad rap for having uniform exteriors. But with a little effort, you can make your front door your own. Decorative items or welcome mats are a cheap and easy way to add character to your apartment's entryway.

Below are some apartment door decor ideas to get you started. They will help you create a unique style for your home that is easy to put together, will not break the bank, and will impress your neighbors. Keep reading for some apartment door decor tips you can make your own.

Apartment Entrance Doormat

A doormat is a good place to start on apartment door decor ideas, as it requires no physical alternations whatsoever. Pick one up and slap it down outside your door to add instant flair to the front of your apartment.

While doormats are a great way to express yourself and welcome guests in. They also are inexpensive and functional. They will help keep your apartment clean while adding some character to the entryway.

a man standing on a welcome mat
a kitchen with white cabinets and a white door


Plants are an easy way to distinguish your apartment door and liven up your entryway. You can keep it simple by going artificial or decide to show off your green thumb. Pick up some shrubs or apartment door flowers from your local garden center.

There are almost innumerable styles and colors to choose from. Between tulips, roses, dahlias, sunflowers, and chrysanthemums, you can assemble any color combination you like for the spring. If you simply want to add some green, there are any number of robust plants that can thrive with minimal care.

Depending on the climate where you live, you may have to bring live flowers in for the winter, but this is a good excuse to change out the aesthetic to match the season. There are fruiting plants that thrive during colder months, but bare branches are also a nice accent for the fall and winter.


No rule says you cannot use typical wall decorations on your front door. Paintings, pictures, and other decorative displays can liven up the entrance to your home and are easy to change out. Go with holiday themes during certain times of year or decor with "Welcome" or other greetings during the rest of the year.

You also do not have to limit yourself to decorative items that hand on the door. Small statues (mice and other animals are popular) around the frame or at the base of the door are a whimsical addition. Brick books, vases, and or hanging ornaments are some other ideas.

Apartment entrance signs also are an easy decoration. You can find porch leaners everywhere or make your own. All you need are some basic tools, wood, and paint.

a sign that reads welcome please come in
a hexagon shaped wreath on a green door


Before you skip over this section, envisioning either bland or overdone wreaths that your mother or grandmother may have put out during holidays, hear us out. Especially with online options, so many different types of wreaths are available. There is something for everyone.

Wreaths can be bold or subtle. They can be loud or elegant. Wreaths also can complement other aspects of your decor, including seasonal changes.

The point is that you can find a wreath that suits your style and makes as big or as little a splash as you like. They also are very inexpensive and easy to change out if you are using the same hanger. Wreaths can be an easy way to add a touch of color and flavor to your door without doing too much.

Distinct Textures

Moving another step from the traditional, you can add different features to your door to make it stand out. Anything with some combination of metal, wood, mirror, or other materials is a great way to make your door look more modern or rustic. Cheap and simple chalkboards with welcome messages are another unique way to add style to your entryway.


Lighting is another way to add character to your entryway. They are a nice addition to the outside and inside of your apartment door.

Battery-operated lights are inexpensive and easy to find. Color-changing LED lights can produce the perfect hue to go with your theme.

a bedroom with a bed and a door

Clear Everything With Management

Whatever decor or alterations you make to your apartment door, be sure to choose damage-free hanging options. Also, be sure to check with your HOA or complex apartment management first. Most places lay out regulations in community guidelines and/or renter's contracts.

If you are uncertain if your decoration plans pass muster, give the office a call to make sure. The last thing you want is to spend a lot of time and effort sprucing up your door only to have to reverse the updates. Even worse, you could jeopardize your security deposit.

Most apartment complexes are flexible and encourage updates. The key is not causing any damage to the apartment and ensuring that any messaging is within community guidelines.

Find More Apartment Door Decor Ideas

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